Giving Thanks to Your Body this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time that we give thanks for things in our lives that make us truly thankful. For this holiday of gratitude, remember to thank your body. Thank your body for where it has been, where it is now and where it will be.
Too often, people do the exact opposite of thanking their body. They beat it up physically by not moving it, not feeding it energizing and nutritious foods, or not getting enough sleep. They beat it up mentally with disparaging comments about the way their body looks.
Make this the year to give thanks to your body. You will be thankful you did!
Gratitude for your body starts with being thankful for the basic functioning that your body does every day with out you even telling it. Pumping blood, breathing, thinking, healing from cuts or bruises, etc. It is easy to take for granted all our bodies do for us because they are always there. Only when something goes wrong with our body do we appreciate it. So thank it for its most basic functioning.
Then move on to thanking individual body parts. For example, thank your arms for helping you carry and lift things, write, hug. Thank your legs for carrying you places. Thank your belly for carrying children. In today’s society, people are used to beating up individual body parts. “My arms are too flabby”. “I hate the cellulite on my legs”. “I wish I didn’t have a muffin top”. Try and find something that you are thankful for when it comes to your body. If your body works, this in itself is worthy of gratitude.
If you are thankful for your body you will want to take care of it and practice better self-care. Taking care of it means getting enough sleep, moving it regularly and fueling it the way you prefer to be fueled.
Take some time this Thanksgiving season to thank your body for being there for you, for grounding you and keeping you safe. Think about how you want to show your body this thanks. You can tell your body thank you. You can also act on this gratitude and work towards taking care of it this Thanksgiving and beyond.


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