Thanksgiving Full?!

121122-CP-A-Thanksgiving-MeditationJust a few more days until Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many. It is a time to reflect. It is a time to spend with family and friends. It is a time for good football. It is a time for GOOD FOOD!

If you are one of my clients, or you have done any hunger work, you also think of Thanksgiving when thinking about your levels of hunger and fullness through out the year. The hunger scale rates hunger and fullness levels on a scale of 1-10. Famished, low blood sugar is #1 on the scale and “Thanksgiving Full” is #10 on the scale. The in between numbers are described with different levels of hunger and satiety. Everyone always chuckles when they read #10, they can relate. Most people, whether it be on Thanksgiving or not, have experienced that uncomfortable, regretful feeling of #10 – Thanksgiving Full.

Is getting to #10 a ritual for you on Thanksgiving? Do you welcome it with the feelings of nostalgia it brings? Or do you wish you never saw a #10 again? I personally do not like the feeling of a #10 – Thanksgiving or not. Things I do to stop eating at a comfortably full level on Thanksgiving include the following tips.

-I eat mostly regular meals through out the day leading up to the big, turkey dinner. No skipping or restriction to have extra room/calories for more food. I get to the meal comfortably hungry.

-I eat the foods I truly enjoy. Just because potatoes are a classic turkey dinner side, I don’t eat them because they are not important to me. I eat stuffing, but only if it is the kind I truly like. I don’t just eat it because it is Thanksgiving. I eat apple pie but not pumpkin. You get the idea…

-I save room for the food I really do enjoy and I savor it along with the company.

-I am mindful of when to stop eating when I am satisfied or full without reaching the Thanksgiving Full level.

-If it is hard to stop eating because it tastes so good or everyone else is still eating, I make the conscious decision to stop or keep going.  It is mindful not automatic. If I choose to stop at a satisfied point, I know I can enjoy this same food at another meal time, even if it is not Thanksgiving. If I stop when I am stuffed, I know the feeling will go away and that sometimes eating until #10 is part of normal eating.

I wish you a happy eating experience this Thanksgiving along with a happy time with family, friends and football.


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