Hi! My name is Jacquelyn. I am a registered dietitian, nutritionist and a real person! Well, obviously I am a real person. But what I mean is, I can relate to the struggles many have with food, eating and every day living.

I am a mother of three young girls and I get the pressures that are out there. I get the pressures related to eating healthy, planning meals and snacks and even feeling good in one’s body. I also get the real life experiences of those who have been trying to control their weight for what feels like and may actually be, an entire lifetime.

Through my personal and professional experiences, I have developed effective counseling techniques and tools that help guide clients to reach their goal.

I believe that changes need to be gradual and as we work together you will see how you can reach your goals “one bite at a time”.

My nonjudgemental approach encourages you to take a new look at eating and your body. I will teach you how to be positive and consistent with health changes. I will help guide you in making these changes and you will be done with quick fixes or yo-yoing. I will help you learn to eat the right mix of food for optimal energy and health.

If this is something new for you, like a diabetes diagnosis or even controlling high cholesterol through diet, I will help you make forever changes. Not fleeting changes that so often accompany a new medical diagnosis.

So whatever the reason you are coming in to see me, let’s work together and make this the last time you seek help in controlling your weight or controlling a nutrition related medical condition. I can help you make lifestyle changes that are forever.

I look forward to meeting you,